2022 Week 30— Bisonai Brief

  • Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex files for bankruptcy protection
  • Aave DAO Approves the Launch of GHO Stablecoin
  • Vitalik’s 5-stage vision for Ethereum’s future
  • Following a $3.5M exploit, Solana-based stablecoin NIRV sees an 85 percent decline.
  • Hack of the Week: $190 million was stolen from Nomad Token Bridge through a security flaw.
  • An employee of the S. Korea Busan Bank is accused of embezzling US$1.1 million to buy Bitcoin.
  • Along with HackAtom Seoul and Eth Seoul, KryptoSeoul launched Buidl Asia Week 2022 in Seoul
  • Seoul prepares to host Korea Blockchain Week 2022
  1. The Merge: transitioning to proof-of-stake.
  2. The Surge: scaling to 100,000+ tps through “sharding”.
  3. The Verge: using Verkle trees to reduce node size and increase decentralisation.
  4. The Purge: cleaning out unneeded data to make it easier for people to become validators.
  5. The Splurge: anything else that’s leftover.
Tweet by @samsczsun
Image of Namsan Tower from Yongsan, Seoul
HackAtom, Seoul 2022
Some of the winners from HackAtom, Seoul 2022



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