2022 Week 38 — Bisonai Brief

  • After completion, the Ethereum Merge ushers in a new era for the second-largest blockchain.
  • Biden examines cryptocurrency regulation proposals and mentions the possibility of fraud.
  • Hack of the Week: Hacker Receives 400 ETH From Arbitrum After Finding a $400 million Critical Vulnerability
  • Market maker Wintermute had $160 million stolen from it.
  • Report: South Korea requests that Interpol issue a “Red Notice” on Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon.
  • A ministry in South Korea urges the adoption of specific Metaverse laws
  • Busan signed an MoU with Huobi, receiving further support for the local cryptocurrency exchange
Photo by Jana Sabeth on Unsplash
  • Oleg Smagin, Post Voyager / Cryptofinance Senior Manager will talk about the State of Web3 2022: South Korea
  • Sun, Pangea Swap will talk about the DeFi on Klaytn, Pangea Swap Philosophy and the methodology behind their growth
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