NFTs and the Metaverse is gradually becoming more and more ingrained into our society. As mentioned in a previous article, ‘NFT’ was the Collins Dictionary 2021 word of the year. The crypto world has onboarded many due to the popularity and NFTs taking center stage in pop-culture with the sale of Beeple’s ‘Everydays: the First 5000 Days’ digital artwork for a whopping US $69,346,250 in May 2021.

Bitcoin Miami 2022 has just wrapped up and Paris Blockchain week starting the following, Seoul also held the first ‘META-NFT KOREA 2022’ event of 3 this year at COEX Auditorium nearby Gangnam, the center for startups in South Korea.

There were over 50+ speakers presenting throughout the day with many from South Korea and abroad visiting for the day to share their projects, ideas and meet others in the industry. At the event, dozens of industry players, companies and organisations from a variety of fields such as gaming, sports, energy, animation, government, real estate and military came together to present their unique take on how they were utilizing NFTs and the metaverse in their respective industries.

The front of the Auditorium where attendees could claim virtual land at
Booths where people could learn about ‘Virtual Daegu’ and meet people from other projects such as NFT Blockchainus Magazine and Vein-X.

We got to learn about projects such as EcoLinks modelled energy usage in the metaverse in order to map it in the real world, who are busy working on their iteration of the metaverse, MINTWAY who is aiming to be the World’s First Unified NFT Portal and VEIN-X who are making a crypto wallet secured with vein reading technology!

David Ham presenting for Polygon Technology about their plan to expand and support the Polygon community in South Korea.

David Ham presented for Polygon Technology about their commitment to building a great Web3 community here in Seoul. We also heard a talk by Art Director Mr. Oh, Seung-Hwan (오승환) who presented his lecture “NFT는 스토리다”- NFT is a story where he discussed his history as an artist and his recent explorations into NFTs where he was able to make art and present it in different mediums through the use of blockchain technology.

After his presentation we also spoke about NFTs values today, as well as novel uses such as how they could be used for memberships to events and places in the real world. You can watch the presentation embedded below.

META-NFT KOREA 2022 was a fantastic event and we really enjoyed meeting amazing teams pushing the industry forward with new projects and innovative ideas in action. META-NFT KOREA 2022 will also hold an event in August 2022 to coincide with Korea Blockchain Week 2022 as well as another event planned for November 2022.

Korea Blockchain Week 2022 will be held this year from August 7–12
from left James from Blockchainus Magazine, Matthew, Laura Valls Alvarez from Moonwalkers Crypto, Billy from Blockchainus Magazine, Art Director Oh, Seung-Hwan and Kayne from Bisonai.

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