Polkadot — a dive into the architecture of Dot-Sama.

Gavin Wood at Web3 Summit in Berlin. Source
  • It is aiming to help blockchains, old and new, connect with each other
  • To help buildouts with the Substrate framework
  • To host blockchains that have been onboarded (Parachains) so that they can share security and scale transactions
  • Finally, to help to bridge other blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to Polkadot so that it can enable interoperability across the entire decentralized web
The Web3 Foundation and Parity exist in parallel to one another. Parity made Substrate which is used to make the Polkadot and Kusama blockchains. Those blockchains consist of Relay Chains, Parathreads and Bridges.
  • A database
  • A P2P network
  • Block Authoring
  • Fork Choice Rule
  • Transaction Handling
  • State Transition Functioning
  • Runtime and more.
Kusama Network: The Canary Network
Kusama: ‘expect chaos’
  1. the Relay Chain
  2. Parachains or Parathreads; and
  3. Bridges
Messari analyst Nick Garcia made a simple analogy between Polkadot and Governments which makes the relationship easier to understand. Nick Garcia’s Tweet
Bridges take you from A to B — or from one blockchain to another.
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